PODlife Protein Pods

What if there were a system that takes the concept of Keurig and K-Cups and applies that idea to protein powders? Well, that’s exactly what Podlife is all about.

Podlife provides quality protein where and when you need it most by utilizing a single serve, pre-measured protein pod. The protein powder sits in the pod and injects into a specially designed water water, providing convenience and freshness to your protein consumption needs. The pods use grass fed whey protein, and come in a variety of flavors such as Berry Active, Vanilla and Chocolate. Each pod is filled with a minimum of 20g of protein, and the PODs are biodegradable. This means no more baggies filled with protein powder when traveling. A starter pack, which contains one shaker and 12 PODs, is available on Kickstarter to early backers for $25. [Purchase]

PODlife Protein Pods 2

PODlife Protein Pods 3