Pocket Tripod

Back in 2013, we were first introduced to the Pocket Tripod, the portable card that transformed into a stabilizing tripod to shoot photos and video with your iPhone; truly one of those insanely simple moments where we wish we would have thought of it first. However, there was one caveat: the pocket tripod was only compatible with Apple iPhones. That is until now.

That’s right, they’re back on Kickstarter with an updated design that caters to eclectic phone owners across the world. Now working with both Android and iPhone cases the card-sized tripod can also adjust to any angle. No more holding the phone, literally, while face-timing or attempting to capture time-lapse video. Also, taking a high-quality photo has never been easier since it holds your device in both portrait and landscape and separates for an unobstructed view. And worrying about storage isn’t necessary either. When folded, the Pocket Tripod is not bigger that a standard credit card. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter for more info. Reservations for the product start at $18. [Purchase]