At Just 180G, POC’s New ‘Ventral’ Is The Lightest Cycling Helmet Its Ever Made

For all of the recent advancements in state-of-the-art aerodynamic superbikes and integrated electronic drivetrains, cycling is still very much a sport in which low weight reigns supreme. And it’s not without good reason, because when you’re slogging through a steep climb, you’ll feel every single gram — from the water in your bottles to the multitool in your back pocket.

With the launch of the ‘Ventral Lite,’ POC has crafted a helmet ideal for even the most discerning of weight weenies. At just 180g (6.35oz) for a size small, it’s far svelter than anything else the Swedish protective specialist has to offer, with the next lightest helmet (the Ventral Air Spin) coming in around 242g (8.54oz). In order to ditch the bulk, POC took a decidedly minimalist approach to the construction, shaving away extra shell material, using a lower density EPS foam, and even swapping in a set of thinner straps. In short: it’s everything a cycling helmet should be and nothing more. You can buy the Ventral Lite for $275, with five different color combinations to match it to the rest of your kit.

Purchase: $275