POC’s SPIN NFC Helmets Send Your Medical Info To First Responders

Cruising the countryside on your two-wheel cycling titan is a refreshing way to drink in nature. However, there are always potential dangers when you hop on a bicycle, so grabbing the right gear is critical to your safety. The POC SPIN NFC Helmets take safety measures up a few notches with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

The two helmets equipped with NFC tech are the Tectal Race SPIN NFC and the Ventral Air SPIN NFC. Thanks to the innovative medical ID chip, first responders can access critical information via an NFC-enabled smartphone. The chip is integrated seamlessly into each model and requires no battery or cloud connectivity. Both helmets also have RECCO reflectors, making it easier for mountain rescuers to locate your position. This is a world-first for cycling safety, and a standard initiated by the International Alpine Rescue Association. You can expect these helmets to hit shelves next year.

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