These Solar-Powered Cycling Shades Automatically Adjust To Light

Longtime cyclists know that the weather can change pretty quickly, depending on the mood of Mother Nature. One moment you’re enjoying the sun, and the next moment a cloud blocks out the light to set a post-apocalyptic vibe. Thanks to the versatile POC Aspire Solar Switch Sunglasses, you can adjust to the scenario easily and continue riding with clear vision ahead.

The performance sunglasses boasts an electrochromic LCD lens that senses sunlight and alters the tint automatically using solar power. When it’s overcast, the lens will lighten, and when the sun is in full force with no clouds in sight, it will darken for complete protection. If a bike is your main mode of transportation, or even if you enjoy cycling on weekends, these revolutionary shades are perfect for changing conditions. Expect the POC Aspire Solar Switch Sunglasses to drop next March.

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