Plus Hus Tiny Home By Minarc

Feb 5, 2018

Category: Living

Architects don’t shape cities, housing regulation and ordinance does. One recent example of this truism? The Plus Hus by Minarc.

Not long after the city of Los Angeles loosened regulations on a type of building called an Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU for short), Santa Monica-based architecture studio MinArc set about building a unit for the newly unregulated backyards of Angelinos. Together with mnmMOD, they produced a low waste 320-square foot building that can be pre-fabricated and flat-packed to anywhere in the States. The open floor plan includes a bathroom and kitchenette, making it easy for owners to use either as an extra bedroom or a dedicated backyard office space. Whatever the internal configuration, these units will all feature an attractive, modern exteriors with a large sliding glass door for plenty of natural light. It’s crazy what a little monkeying around with zoning can result in.

Purchase: $37,000+

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