PlayStation VR Aim Controller

Fans of first-person shooters can rejoice knowing that Sony plans to release their Virtual Reality Precision Aim Controller this fall in conjunction with the release of an exclusive PlayStation VR game.The controller picks up where previous attachments left off a few years ago. That is, direct 1:1 tracking, meaning your in-game gun follows the exact movement of the controller.

As for the game specifically, Farpoint is a space adventure set on a hostile alien planet where after a crash landing you’re pressured to fight to survive as you explore the landscape and uncover the secrets of this virulent world. The controller itself was developed by Impulse Gear, a San Francisco-based developer that works with Sony to build a player experience unlike anything witnessed before. Check out the Farpoint trailer below for an inside scoop. No word on pricing just yet as this has yet to be revealed at this week’s E3 conference. However, you can keep up with Playstation to remain in the loop on price points and release dates.