This PlayStation 5G Phone Concept Offers A Next-Level Mobile Gaming Experience

While there’s no denying the success of the PS5, Sony is decidedly lacking when it comes to mobile gaming support. Sure, there’s its range of Xperia smartphones, but let’s face it — those are better for shutterbugs than they are for button-mashers. Enter Anesthétique Projets and its game-changing handheld concept.

If you grew up during the oughts, you’ll remember that there was once a pocketable PlayStation known as the PSP (PlayStation Portable). Anesthétique Projets’ smartphone concept — dubbed the ‘PS5G’ — borrows a lot of its design from that same console (with a dash of Nintendo Switch thrown in for good measure). On each side of the screen, you’ll find a set of dedicated gaming controls, including a D-pad, a suite of PlayStation action keys, a pair of joypads, and even two sets of shoulder buttons. And that’s not all; in keeping with its smartphone functionality, the PS5G also features 5G connectivity, seven Zeiss cameras (two front and five rear), as well as a charging port that’s been situated to stay clear of your grip. Given that this is only a concept, we can only wait and wonder if Sony will release a similar offering of its own.

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