Playpulse ONE Is A Gaming Console Disguised As A High-Tech Exercise Bike

We’ve seen smart home gyms that integrate gaming elements before, but the games have always been a bit of an afterthought. Simple gameplay, a lack of controllers, and lackluster graphics have prevented the potentially lucrative exercise gaming space from really taking off. But that could change with Playpulse ONE, a new exercise bike that boasts some serious gaming credibility.

Playpulse ONE is, first and foremost, an exercise bike. And it’s a good one at that, with a striking and compact Red Dot Award-winning minimalist design, adjustable magnetic resistance, and Bluetooth connectivity. But the device’s gaming elements really set it apart. The bike features a 24” touchscreen and an Intel I5-9400F CPU with a dedicated graphics card that allows the bike to run a variety of custom 3D games, all of which are engineered to work with the pedals of the bike to fuel your workout in innovative ways. There’s also a built-in traditional gaming controller in the handlebar of the bike that features haptic feedback, allowing you to immerse yourself even further in the experience. And when you don’t feel like gaming, you can watch videos from your favorite streaming services — provided you keep pedaling; the video will stop if you don’t. Playpulse ONE is available now for the pre-order price of $1,199.

Purchase: $1,199