Planet Earth II

Oct 11, 2016

Category: Entertainment

We don’t cover trailers that often so when we do it’s obvious we’re quite excited about the upcoming release. And this newest installation of Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth is one such example. Clearly, anyone with some semblance of a soul remembers the groundbreaking mini-series released over a decade ago displaying our magnificent planet in ways never seen before. Well, 10 years and a handful of iPhone iterations later, BBC One is back in action with Planet Earth II, ready to wow Earth’s most advanced inhabitants from the safety of their living rooms.

This installment of the series was filmed over three years across the globe with the very latest in technology, allowing Attenborough and the Natural History Unit to uncover and witness stories about our natural world for the first time. Their adventures take them everywhere from the equatorial jungles to arid deserts to mountain peaks and low-lying swamps and grasslands to even cities. Yes, the city can be considered an ecosystem as well. It’s broken down into six, hour-long episodes, all shot in 4K, and scheduled to begin airing on BBC later this month.

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