Pixelstick Light Painting

Pixelstick Light Painting 1
Now that Grandma has an Instagram account, it takes more than a pretty filter to wow someone with a photo. Pixelstick is ready to deliver a whole ‘nother truckload of wows to the world of photography with its unique ability to paint light patterns onto any long exposure picture. Wanna splash a rainbow across the night sky? No sweat. How about Super Mario running in place in front of your neighbor’s house? Um, OK, a little strange, but possible! Just put your camera into its long exposure mode and move the stick within the frame.

What’s the magic behind the Pixelstick? 198 full-color LEDS are inside a lightweight aluminum housing and covered by a diffusion lens; the controller allows you to adjust settings and choose images from an SD card. Just grab 8 AA batteries, your imagination, and go. Watch the video below, and support the project on Kickstarter.

Pixelstick Light Painting 2

Pixelstick Light Painting 3

Pixelstick Light Painting 4

Pixelstick Light Painting 5