Pirl Charger

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For demanding users, ordinary chargers leave much to be desired. They’re relatively weak, poorly designed, and lack key features power users required to get the job done. Which is why the birth of the Pirl Charger makes so much sense. Here, we have a portable charger that delivers 2.7 amps per port and 50 watts of total power – all in a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

In addition to such formidable power, each Pirl Charger is built from anodized aluminum and FR4 that’s both flame resistant and insanely durable. Also, standard features include four USB ports and one DC input jack alongside indicator LEDs and a wattmeter for good measure. Now, power everything from smartphones to tablets and headphones without worry – all while the Pirl automatically adjusts power delivered to each device based on what it can handle as to not overheat it. Each charger is also offered with battery caddy parts and various add-ons for hackers and makers as well. Available now for reservation on Kickstarter.

Purchase: $49+