Pirelli x Ducati SC-Rumble

What do you get when two petrol inspired Italian brands team up to build a two-wheeler? You get the Pirelli x Ducati SC-Rubmble.

The fine folks at Ducati and Pirelli collaborated with Vibrazioni Art Design (known for their bespoke furniture) to customize this drastically altered Scrambler motorcycle. The vehicle sees a shortened stock chassis, aluminum windshield complete with an added smoke headlight housing a circular LED light (a nod to the classic Scrambler series), and original lids removed for monocoque made of sheets recovered from industrial bins – all of which was not only hammered, but shaped completely by hand as well. To give the bike its smooth finish, the shell was coated in a transparent polyurethane gloss. There’s custom art found on the sides of the bike’s tank by Vibrazioni, designed to replicate the impressions left by the Pirelli MT 60 RS tires found on both the front and rear wheels. Watch the video below.

Pirelli x Ducati SC-Rumble 2

Pirelli x Ducati SC-Rumble 3

Pirelli x Ducati SC-Rumble 4

Pirelli x Ducati SC-Rumble 5

Pirelli x Ducati SC-Rumble 6