Pioneer Rayz Rally iPhone Conference Speaker

For as advanced as the iPhone has gotten in the decade since it was released, it still isn’t quite the best for making or receiving conference calls. Throw your phone on speaker mode and not only does the audio quality suffer, but the mic often can’t pick up everyone in the room. Thankfully, Pioneer has developed a fix called the Rayz Rally Conference Speaker.

This simple battery free devices attaches to your iPhone’s lightning port and operates as an exterior speaker and microphone for much more crisp, clear conference calls. When used in accompaniment with the Rayz app, the speaker also manages to cut out unnecessary white noise with its mic – making it much easier for someone on the other end of the line to hear everyone in your group more clearly. Need a charge during your phone meeting? The speaker allows for pass-through charging so you never have to worry about cutting a call short.

Purchase: $100