Pioneer Rayz Plus Earbuds

Plenty of people were pretty sour when Apple announced that they were doing away with their headphone jack. But, most have adjusted at this point. Now, the only real downside is that, if you own a pair of Lightning compatible earbuds, you can’t listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. Or at least, that was a downside before Pioneer announced their Rayz Plus earbuds.

Featuring a tremendously clever design, these headphones have a lightning jack built into the cable. That means you can plug them into your phone and then plug your charger into the port and – voila! – charge while you rock out. They aren’t one trick pony devices, either. On top of the Lightning port, they also feature smart noise cancelling technology that can be controlled via an included phone app, auto-pause, and a cable-mounted control interface. They’re even equipped with a built-in 24-bit 48 kHz digital audio processor and amp. If you have to go wired, you should probably go Pioneer. They retail for $150. [Purchase]