Pioneer Carry Flyfold Wallet

It took years of hard work, but Henry Lefens and the folks at Pioneer Carry managed to create a proprietary synthetic fabric, called 10XD Ripstop, that’s a whopping 10 times stronger than steel. And while the fabric itself is plenty impressive, they’ve also gone to the trouble of paring into their new Flyfold wallet — which might just be the ultimate bifold ever built.

As if the 10XD fabric being stronger than steel wasn’t enough, it’s also completely waterproof, sweat-proof, and machine washable — so you don’t have to worry about leaving it in your laundry to get ruined. It also makes the Flyfold slim enough to stash in your front pocket, should you want to. Pair that with its 10-card capacity, reinforced stitching, complete lack of seams, and a technology called FutureForm (which allows the wallet break in beautifully over time) and this stands to be the only bifold wallet you’ll ever want or need. Back the project on Kickstarter now starting at just $59.

Kickstarter: $59+