Pininfarina Celebrates 90 Years With A $2.9 Million 1,900HP Hypercar

Automobili Pininfarina has been a staple of the coachbuilding world for many decades, and this year, the company is celebrating its 90th Anniversary. As you might expect, this storied occasion has spurned the outfit to create an ultra-limited run of its Battista hypercar — an opulent auto crafted under the watchful eye of Italy’s finest craftsmen.

The limited-to-five Battista “Anniversario” arrives with the same 1,900-horsepower powerplant as its progenitor, utilizing four electric motors and an innovative torque vectoring system to provide drivers with one of the most illustrious road-faring experiences in the market. Thanks to the vehicle’s carbon fiber monocoque chassis and powerplant, it can hold its own, and even beat, a current-gen Formula 1 race-car, meaning that you won’t be yearning for one-off performance upgrades a month after purchase. But what makes the car truly special is its interior and exterior coachwork. Each hand-built, Cambiano-based platform will feature an extensive revision to its components to cut weight and improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency, while the exterior — adorned with a specialized chassis plate, custom headlight engraving, and demarcating “Anniversario” script — will feature a combination of three heritage-approved anniversary hues painstakingly applied over various weeks by the company’s artisanal painters. Head to Pininfarina’s website to learn more about the ultra-limited $2,900,000 supercar.

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