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Pininfarina Just Unveiled A High-Tech Holographic Virtual Driving Simulator

Creating the quintessential driving experience for consumers has always been one of the most important aspects of automotive design. As you might imagine, this complex system of research, analysis, and development phases was a nightmare in terms of logistics and cohesive readiness, especially for custom coachbuilders like Pininfarina. Now, the company has unveiled the AutonoMIA Responsive Driving System, helping to streamline the realms of automotive design and engineering and carve a path for the future of the industry.

New technologies have made automotive development far more intuitive and optimized than ever before, but there’s a catch. Without actual data to back up these new developments in artificial intelligence, 5G, haptics, and consumer interfacing, designers have faced an increasingly difficult challenge in regard to their actual application. To remedy this, Pininfarina has partnered with ART, ARAS, and Siili_auto to create a unique platform for data accumulation, focusing primarily on the effect that this technology has on experiential driving. As a result, the companies’ AutonoMIA Responsive Driving Experience utilizes different interfacing elements, including bespoke interior design, customizable infotainment platforms, and design tools to understand what makes these aspects so enchanting for drivers, with plans to implement “advanced holographic, full-color head-up display technology and new applications for autonomous driving, urban mobility and infotainment” in the future.

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