Pinch Titanium Multi-Tool

Just like a pinch of salt is sometimes all you need to take a steak dinner from subpar to savory, the Pinch Titanium Tool could also be the key to your success in a bind.

Packing 11 practical tools into a tiny 1.5”x 0.5” frame, this pocket-sized multi-tool features a mini pry bar for opening can lids or removing staples; bottle opener for, well, you know; 6-mm hex wrench; wire stripper; nail puller; keychain hole; 1” mini ruler; 1” mini scraper for removing gunk and grime; hex bit holder that fits a standard ¼” wrench; and a 4mm and 6mm flat screwdriver along the bottom edge. Early bird Kickstarter backers can grab one now for $19. [Purchase]

Pinch Titanium Tool 2

Pinch Titanium Tool 3

Pinch Titanium Tool 4

Pinch Titanium Tool 5