Pilot Translating Earphones

Any fan of Star Trek will certainly appreciate these language translating earphones from Waverly. While not exactly the universal translator we’ve all been waiting for, the Pilot Translating Earphones do allow us to converse with someone speaking another language making it quite the useful product for us worldwide wandering folk.

In addition to its translating functionality, the Pilot comes with a second earpiece for listening to music, features a companion app to switch between languages, and can function perfectly without an internet connection. A great feature for those trips to the WiFi-absent Amazon rainforest. European-based Romantic and Germanic languages will receive support first, thanks to their latin roots, with other world languages soon following suit. And once they become available, installing them will be as simple as downloading your favorite song. Amazing right? Let’s just hope they get funded in time because we’ve already forgotten everything I learned from Spanish class. Available for preorder now for $300. [Purchase]