Pillbox Shark Bat

Whether you want to use it for the zombie apocalypse of the future, hang it on your wall as a piece of art, or use it to launch homers, the Shark Bat by Pillbox has plenty of bark and bite. This American-made baseball bat features shark art at the business end, honoring the nose art of vintage World War II planes.

Crafted with care in Winona, Minnesota, each baseball bat is made from solid ash wood. The wood used is turned, painted, and hand-burned to perfection. After the 34-inch zombie skull-cracker is crafted, it’s finished off with a clear coat of urethane. Grip the baseball bat in your hands, feel the quality, and admire the design inspired by baseball of yesteryear. The full 34-inch bat is a thing of beauty, but there’s also the 17-inch compact Baby Shark up for grabs too. Pick one up and swing away.

Purchase: $220