PIE Smart Tape Measure

With the advent of health apps to help track and motivate your journey to a healthier you, there’s still a disconnect between the numbers on your phone screen and the physical results you reap. Progress can be hard to determine just based on daily data points. Thankfully, Bagel Labs has come up with a solution to faulty measurements: the PIE Smart Tape Measure.

Seeking to go beyond the typical metrics of weight loss and calories burned to define fitness, the PIE Smart Tape Measure keeps track of your body size, so that variables like muscle mass and fat distribution can be accounted for. Health risks like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease are more detectable using waist size over weight and BMI. Using an integrated app for your phone, PIE keeps track of the numbers that matter, in order to properly map your journey to fitness, so that you can properly dedicate your focus to the areas you need to improve. Simply wrap the tape around your waist – or your arms or legs if you’re tracking muscle gain – and press the save button, and your status will pop up as a data point on the mobile app. Keep motivated and don’t waste your energy where it isn’t needed with the PIE Smart Tape Measure.

Kickstarter: $49+