Pictar iPhone Camera Grip

When it comes to design, Apple has gotten a lot of things right. Their products are beautiful, their operating system’s simple and intuitive, and their marketing is flawless. They’re not 100% on point with everything, however. Thankfully, the Pictar Camera Case has come along to help them out a bit on photography.

Anyone who has taken a photo with their iPhone can admit that the ergonomics of it are pretty far from ideal. Not only does the Pictar fix that problem by increasing the area that you can grip the phone with, but the attachment makes it much easier for you to adjust your camera’s zoom, ISO, shutter speed, and focus. When your iPhone is connected to the holder and running the app, you can essentially treat it as a high-grade point and shoot camera, taking video, photos, and selfies and uploading to the web all in the same device. Right now you can get one yourself starting at $90. [Purchase]

Pictar Camera Grip 2

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