Pico’s Smart MultiBrew Device Makes Coffee, Beer, & More

PicoBrew used decades of experience producing award-winning brewing computers to create a countertop masterpiece. The revolutionary PicoBrew MultiBrew is a convenient and versatile beverage machine that brings the barista experience to your home.

Utilizing algorithms and advanced sensors, this device can brew exemplary coffee, specialty beverages, beer, kombucha, and other drinks. The MultiBrew uses Z Technology, which is a state-of-the-art 1500W heat source processor and proprietary heat exchanger module, providing you with a perfect cup every time. It also uses thermal steam injection technology, allowing you to control the time and temperature for unmatched consistency. Choose your ingredients or use ready-to-go PicoPaks and control your home brewing experience with customized programs on the accompanying app. From a cup to a pint of your favorite beverage, this stainless steel smart brewing device with a full-color screen and intuitive dial navigation can do it all. And according to PicoBrew, this is the world’s first countertop brew computer. Stay tuned for more information on price and release date.

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