Pico Craft Beer Brewer

Anyone who has tried to brew their own beer for the first time knows just how difficult it can be. Now, a new product called the Pico aims to allow you to easily brew your own fresh craft beer from the comfort of your own kitchen.

It basically works like a Keurig does for coffee. You’ll insert a pod of ingredients and brew it like you would a coffee, but you’ll then add a specially formulated yeast and allow it to sit for a week to ferment. That’s basically it; it’s that simple. Best of all, you’re not limited to your own imagination when it comes to the beer you’re brewing, as the company behind the brewer has partnered up with various brewers around the U.S. to bring their beer into your home. You’re even able to adjust the alcohol level and the bitterness of each brew, customizing your beer to your personal tastes. It’s available on Kickstarter now for an early backer price of $499. [Purchase]