Piaggio Gita Personal Cargo Droid

The way we move about the world is changing pretty drastically. Because millennials increasingly are increasingly moving to the city and ditching cars as their primary mode of transportation, auto manufacturers are trying to find a way to stay nimble and meet new demands. One Italian marque’s answer to these new challenges is the Piaggio Gita.

Developed by the same makers of the Vespa, this contemporary little droid is designed to roll along after you and carry your groceries or whatever else you see fit to put in it. The robot, which stands at a little over two feet tall is outfitted with smart technology that helps it avoid obstacles and follow you just about wherever you go. With a locking top case and a capacity to carry up to 40 pounds, city dwellers can now easily fill this thing up with a bunch of food and walk easily back to their apartments without worrying their arms will fall off. Prefer to bike? This thing can go up to 22 mph and can turn on a dime, making it more than fast and nimble enough to follow after you. Prices and release date are yet to be announced on the 2nd of February by Piaggio. No idea what they’ll be set at – but we do know that we’d call ours R2.