Piaggio Launches a Gear-Hauling Robot with a 21-Mile Range & 20LBS Capacity

Back in 2015, Piaggio launched its Fast Forward design studio in an effort to develop innovative mobility solutions for the 21st-century urbanite. Some four years later, the Boston-based outfit changed the game with a personal cargo robot called the gita. Designed to serve as — essentially — a grocery-getting astromech droid, it offered a pretty radical preview of what tomorrow could hold.

Never content to settle, however, Piaggio Fast Forward has now launched a second robot known as the gitamini. Like its forebearer, the mini is intended to be an intelligent, follow-along personal assistant. As you’d expect from its name, though, it’s made to be much smaller and more nimble. In fact, it weighs just 28lbs, and it’s comparable in size to a small dog. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty capable little companion, boasting half the carrying capacity (20lbs vs. 40lbs) but with nearly two times the range (21 miles vs. 12 miles). And here’s the best part: the gitamini now comes with an advanced array of cameras as well as radar. In practice, such a setup allows the robot to follow its owner much more diligently, be it up and over obstacles or in and amongst city crowds. Not only that, but this also means that users can pair with the gitamini simply by standing in front of it — no Bluetooth required.

Launching on October 15th in ‘Spark Citron’ and ‘Boardwalk Beige’ colorways, you’ll be able to buy the gitamini for $1,850.

Purchase: $1,850

Photo: Piaggio Fast Forward
Photo: Piaggio Fast Forward