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Customize Your Own Records With Phonocut’s Home Vinyl Recorder

The “playlist” is an omnipresent piece of music culture. After all, there’s nothing more revelatory than a handful of an individual’s favorite tracks; a personalized listing of lyrics, instruments, and sounds that have been amassed as the soundtrack to their life. Now, a company named Phonocut has decided to pair the personalized traits of a traditional playlist with that of the iconic vinyl record, allowing buyers to create their very own iterations with one all-encompassing machine.

The Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder is a state-of-the-art device that helps users to create their very own records from digitized audio files. Ironically, it’s reminiscent of a modern-day turntable, and even boasts many of the same aesthetic qualities. To transition your favorite tracks to a blank vinyl, the Phonocut utilizes a precise diamond stylus to recreate audio waves in real-time by etching them into the disc’s surface as your music is playing, allowing you to create personalized variants that can be played back on any traditional table. And with a team of the industry’s most talented technicians at its back, there’s no doubt that the Phonocut Vinyl Recorder is a new frontier for audiophilic music enthusiasts. Head to the company’s website to learn more; and while you’re there, you can fund the project/reserve your own on Kickstarter for $1,100.

Purchase: $1,100