Philips Two-in-One LCD Monitor

It’s no longer up for debate; research has proven that a multiple monitor setup not only significantly increase productivity, but also reduces errors as well. If you’re looking to increase your productivity (and who isn’t) without adding clutter to your workspace, then the Philips Two-in-One LCD monitor is the perfect solution.

This setup is perfect for for running a multi-screen setup, and thanks to edge-to-edge glass and a narrow border, you can also seamlessly run one large display as well. The stand offers full 130 mm height and using the swivel adjustment feature can be dialed in to your liking, further increasing your productivity output. Philips also implements their Flicker-Free technology, reducing eye fatigue in users, and a 4-port USB hub is ideal for plugging in everything from your camera and memory devices to charging your mobile device. Each monitor is outfitted with SmartConnect, complete with DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA connections. [Purchase]

Philips Two-in-One LCD monitor 2

Philips Two-in-One LCD monitor 3

Philips Two-in-One LCD monitor 4