Philips Portable Survival Kit Radio

With the rising frequency of natural disasters and the condition of the world today, it’s a good idea to keep a set of emergency gear, just in case. And one of the staples of that gear should absolutely be a hand-cranked radio and flashlight. And they don’t get much better than the Portable Survival Kit Radio from Philips.

Proof positive that emergency gear can also be gorgeous, the AE1120/00 is an excellent all-in-one disaster electronics kit – with a built-in FM/MW/LW radio, flashlight, and siren (all powered by either the included hand crank or solar power). It also has a hideaway USB-cable, so you can charge your phone with it, as well. In a full-blown disaster, you could do far worse than this surprisingly good-looking and handy device. It’s in production right now, so you can look forward to hearing about pricing and availability soon.

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