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This Smart Device Syncs Philips Lights To Your TV For Cinematic Immersion

Most cinephiles can tell you that, if you really want to experience a film, you have to have a stellar display, a killer surround sound system, and appropriate lighting. The latter metric, however, often gets overlooked — likely due to it being perceived as a non-necessity. However, it just got a whole lot simpler to experience full cinematic immersion with the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box.

Designed to fit between your TV and video source — including streaming devices and/or Blu-Ray players — this clever gadget analyzes the color data from HDMI signals, wirelessly and automatically sending them along to your Philips smart lights. The said lights will then brighten or dim and change color to reflect those signals, properly setting the mood for whatever you’re watching and offering unheard-of levels of immersion in the cinematic landscape. Yes, you do need an existing Hue system in order to use this device, but it’s also a clever addition all film buffs will absolutely love. Pricing is set at $230 with shipping starting on October 15th.

Purchase: $230