Philips Clear LED Light Bulb

Figurative light bulbs going off over peoples’ heads inside a literal light bulb factory is the kind of brain-bending pyrotechnics we’d expect from Memento vs. Donnie Darko: Weirdest One Wins. But no, it’s just those imaginative cats at Philips, now out with their latest creation: the clear LED bulb.

This bulb isn’t too radical though; the innovation lies more in the design. It features the familiar shape as seen in standard incandescent bulbs for decades, so maybe this one Grandpa won’t slam to the pavement while calling it the spawn of Satan. Energy efficient? Heck yeah. The 6W input wattage means stealthy electric bills, while the 25,000 hour runtime means you can turn it on now, go join the Peace Corps for two years, then come back and still have a few months of light left to read all your unpaid utility bills with. [Purchase]