Phazon Wireless Earbuds

Finding the perfect set of headphones can be tough. Some don’t fit, some fit great but their wires get in the way, and still others have awful battery life and poor sound quality. Phazon, a Canadian based headphone company, claims to have found the answer when it comes to a great set of headphones; no wires, long battery life, and a snug fit.

After testing hundreds of 3D printed versions of the headphones, the Phazon team finally built a version that would fit in any ear with a simple twist. The snug fit and waterproof technology make it so the earbuds stay in your ear whether you’re climbing, swimming, or just working out at the gym. Good for up to 6 hours of continuous play and coming with an all-in-one USB charger and keychain, these things won’t quit on you. Prices start at $169 with shipping projected for September of this year. [Purchase]