Phase One XF Camera System

Jun 5, 2015

Category: Tech

You know this isn’t your typical camera when it’s called a “camera system.” Another thing that gives it away: It costs more than say, a Lexus IS250.

It’s the demanding professional photographer that Phase One is going after with its new high-end medium-format XF Camera System. The package costs a head-turning $48,990 when the XF camera body is paired up with the top of the line 80-megapixel IQ3 digital back. Medium-format digital photography involves much larger image sensor chips than any SLR camera, and a result the images taken with something like this would fittingly be suitable for a Lexus ad. Both the digital back and camera have their own touchscreens to control the camera and review your photos. The XF has new modular viewfinders as part of its redesign, as well as improved autofocus platform and an upgradable operating system with a new OneTouch User Interface. [Purchase]

Phase One XF Camera System 2

Phase One XF Camera System 3

Phase One XF Camera System 4

Phase One XF Camera System 5

Phase One XF Camera System 6

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