PF Flyers ‘The Sandlot’ 25th Anniversary Collection

Modern sneakers are lighter, stronger, and more dynamic than ever. So why is it we still have such a deep love for older styles like the upcoming PF Flyers ‘The Sandlot’ Anniversary Collection?

It isn’t like these shoes – featuring a 10-ounce duck canvas upper, rubber toe cap, and traditionally treaded outsole – are actually going to make you “run faster, [and] jump higher” as the shoebox the sneakers come with indicates. That’s because they don’t have to. Instead, these sneakers created in partnership with 20th Century Fox offer up a heaping helping of nostalgia. Whether or not you were fans of the 1993 classic, the sneakers have a classic American look to them that remains somehow both perpetually old-school and constantly in style. The collection is set to be released on P.F. Flyers’ site on the 7th of April, with prices for the low-top sneakers set at $55, and the Hi-tops at $60. Get them while you can, because we’re not sure how long they’ll stick around for.

Purchase: $60