Peugeot eF01 Folding Electric Bike

Out of all of the types of companies you’d expect to make a bike for commuting to work, an auto company is probably low on this list. All the same, Peugeot has been consistently turning out bicycles since the late 1800s, and with the announcement of their new eF01 foldable bike, the French based automaker showing no signs of slowing down.

This thing features just about everything you’d expect from a folding bike in 2016. It flips down in just seconds, making it easy to stow in your car or under your desk once at work, and thanks to a hearty battery powered motor, it can get you up hills and down the road back to your apartment at up to 12 miles per hour. With a range of 18 miles, an app that lets you check levels, and the ability to charge in just 2 hours when connected to a 12 volt power outlet, it’s just about the most ideal alternative mode of transportation out there. Prices are yet to be announced. [Purchase]

Peugeot eF01 2

Peugeot eF01 3

Peugeot eF01 1