Period Correct Overland Collection

Period Correct loves to make clothes for the travelers, the casual explorers, the day trippers and one way ticket-havers of the world. Their new collection is a vintage inspired curation of olive-toned oldies that pay tribute to the SUVs that have obliged our wanderlust in the real world.

The Overlander has for years been the staple vehicle of the road less traveled. Necessarily, that un-tread path will incur a few more stains and scrapes, and the Earth hued collection that Period Correct has made in homage to Overland vehicles have an earthliness to their muted green and spartan stylings. Ramble on, intrepid explorers of the world. We’re with you in spirit every step – and Period Correct is there with you in thread, with their dope Overland collection.

Purchase: $40+