Performance Solutions Mosquito Supercar

There are a lot of folks who will tell you the best car on the road is the one with the most horsepower. Refreshingly, however, the folks at Czech brand Performance Solutions disagree with that. To them, crafting the perfect car isn’t about imbuing it with all the ponies. Rather, it’s about refining it on a practically-molecular level. And that’s the mindset they had when crafting their Mosquito supercar.

Named after the fabled British fighter plane, the De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito, Performance Solutions focused heavily on refinement for their four-wheeled supercar. That resulted in them crafting the body almost entirely out of carbon fiber and cutting down the weight to a paltry 2,147 lbs. And they equipped it with a naturally-aspirated V8 engine good for 600 horsepower and 479 foot-pounds of torque — creating an altogether remarkably nimble performance vehicle without the trappings of excess. Of course, it’s not all minimalistic; it will also come equipped with an Active Ride Control system, which is said to help the aerodynamics and suspension work in tandem to create the best driving experience possible. The final product is still two years away but the brand has already announced that the 18 examples they plan to build will sell for $1.32 million apiece.

Purchase: $1,320,000+