Pentax’s 4X20 VD Binoculars Can Turn Into Three Different Magnification Tools

Throughout the years, we’ve seen various products within the gear industry undergo evolutionary change, whether they’re new, water-resistant garments, long-lasting flashlights, or tents that you can set up in a matter of seconds. For the better part of a decade, however, binoculars have remained one of the most stagnant gear offerings around. Now, thanks to one of the camera world’s leading proprietors, that’s all about to change.

The Pentax 3-In-1 Binocular is an interesting and evolutionary take on one of history’s most important assessment and hunting tools. Instead of relying on a traditional, jointed silhouette, these all-new offerings boast a modular architecture that allows them to transition from “bi” to “mono” in an ultra-intuitive way. If you ever feel that the peripheral’s 4x magnifier and 10° field of view might not work best for your situation, you’ll be able to split the 3-In-1 in half to create a magnified monocular, which is good for observation of objects as close a 20-inches. Still looking for something a bit more powerful? Adjoin the two sections of the original binocular to create a 16x spotting scope, ensuring that nothing will escape your view. IPX7-rated construction makes Pentax’s model even better, thanks to its inherent weather resistance, precise glass, and slip-resistant silhouette. Head to B&H, where you can pre-order the Pentax 4X20 VD WP for $250.

Purchase: $250