Pencil Wooden Stylus With Eraser by FiftyThree

Nov 20, 2013

Category: Tech

Convincing that gorgeous neighbor of yours to let you sketch her nude is gonna take some work. Step #1: Get a pencil. No, wait, make that a Pencil. From FiftyThree, the makers of the Paper app for the iPad, comes Pencil, a new stylus that will — in some ways — take you back to those days when you were told you had to have a No. 2 to take that test. Fortunately, Pencil’s feet are firmly planted in 21st century technology.

The nostalgia part: Pencil is actually made from harvested wood. The new frontier: Pencil lets you draw, doodle, and yes, sketch with crisp creativity on your iPad. Pencil’s adaptive palm rejection means you can rest your hand on your tablet and the device will know you’re not trying to write with your flesh. And at the other end of the Pencil is an eraser tip; perfect for when the neighbor realizes you never took an art class in your life. [Purchase]

Pencil Wooden Stylus With Eraser by FiftyThree 2

Pencil Wooden Stylus With Eraser by FiftyThree 3

Pencil Wooden Stylus With Eraser by FiftyThree 4

Pencil Wooden Stylus With Eraser by FiftyThree 5

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