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Peloton Finally Debuted Its Highly-Anticipated, Ergonomic Rowing Machine

Peloton’s ecosystem of at-home fitness equipment has become some of the world’s most popular, and it’s finally unveiled the long-awaited rowing machine to smarten your workout routine even more.

The bounty of benefits that a rowing machine offers can make a massive difference from the neck down, as every stroke uses roughly 86% of your muscles, resulting in a highly efficient workout even if it lasts less than 15 minutes. Similarly to the manufacturer’s flagship bike and treadmill, there will be several classes meant to satisfy everyone from starters to pros. Moreover, the Just Row sessions are a great way to jump in and improve your form.

Additionally, The Peloton Row’s innovative Form Assist feature will provide real-time correction on your stroke, displaying specific spots where you can improve. Further, you can set up a Personal Pace Target to help you follow intensity levels curated by Peloton’s instructors, which provides insight regarding how much energy you should put into each rowing interval, ultimately making each class a motivational stride in your wellness. Above all else, the Row is remarkably comfortable, boasting ergonomic seats and handlebars that are silent enough to let you work out when the rest of the house is sleeping.

As for storage, the Upright Wall Anchor allows you to stow the machine vertically so it won’t take up too much room in smaller living spaces. Price-wise, the Peloton Row is available to pre-order on its web shop starting from $3,195. Buyers can expect it to ship out in December, as the high-tech manufacturer has not mentioned a specified date.

Purchase: $3,195

Photo: Peloton
Photo: Peloton
Photo: Peloton