Pelican Elite Soft Cooler

This has been the summer of the cooler. Brands that once did nothing more than make iPhone cases or water bottles have up and launched their own line of line of products. All the while, companies that made their name by producing high quality coolers have upped the ante with products like Pelican’s Elite Soft Cooler.

More than looking super cool, this beast of a soft cooler can hold 24 cans (there is a smaller version that holds 12) on ice for up to 48 hours. In large part, this is due to Pelican’s special closed-cell foam insulation. That technology combined with the tough and durable double-coated TPU outer fabric makes the cooler about half as heavy as the leading coolers on the market today. And to top it all off, this leak-proof box-of-fun comes with FDA approved food grade liner and a 3-year warranty. Summer might be coming to a close but the good times are just getting started.

Purchase: $257