Pelican’s Crushproof Cases Will Keep Your Gear Safe During Air Travel

For steady travelers who satisfy their thirst for adventure outside the city bubble often, a sleek and sturdy case is paramount to taking flight. Pelican is taking to the skies with their latest Air Travel Case Collection, featuring carry-on and check-in sizes.

There are two cases in the Air Travel series: the 1535TRVL Air Travel Case and 1615TRVL Travel Case. Both are built with mesh pockets, zippered compartments, quiet stainless steel wheels, and impact and water-resistant HPX 2 technology. They also come with packing cubes, so you can keep all of your gear and apparel organized for your trip. For longer trips, you’ll want to pick up the 1615TRVL, which is equipped with press-and-pull latches with TSA key locks and a nearly 30-inch long interior. You also have the options of adding Trepak dividers and Pick N Pluck foam interior solutions. The Air Travel Case Collection is available right now, starting at $310.

Purchase: $310+