Peek-I Spy Cam

May 6, 2014

Category: Tech

The makers of Peek-I might not say they’ve created the perfect hot-girl-at-the-gym-picture-taker, but we will. Peek-I attaches magnetically to the camera lens of your mobile device, then works as a periscope, reflecting the image at a 90 degree angle.

This means you can be at the free weights, pretending to be reading important texts, and with the right touch, you can totally be getting beautiful shots of that blonde on the elliptical behind you. You can capture video or photos from any angle, as Peek-I spins a full 360°. It’s less than an inch long and wide, and comes with a silver or golden chrome finish. Of course they say you can go all James Bond with this thing and play the role of spy, and that’s true, but we think secret shots of sweaty sports bras is plenty dangerous enough. Check out the video below. [Purchase]

Peek-I Spy Cam 2

Peek-I Spy Cam 3

Peek-I Spy Cam 4

Peek-I Spy Cam 5

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