Pebble Core

Having good tunes while you are running or on your bike is important enough to folks that people actually used to run with CD players. It wasn’t a big deal at the time (besides the whole skipping thing) but now the thought of it seems absurd. What were folks thinking? If everything goes Pebble’s way with their new Core, we’ll be saying the same thing about running with our phones not too long from now.

Essentially a souped-up iPod shuffle, the Core streams music from your Spotify playlists while also preforming all of the tasks you’d want your phone to while out on a run. While using your wireless carriers cellular network, it tracks your pace and distance and will work seamlessly with your preferred fitness apps so you can keep track of your performance over a long period of time. In case you get into trouble – it even has an SOS function that’ll call for help. The best part about it? It only costs $69. [Purchase]

Pebble Core 1