Pearl RearVision

Among all of the add-on features that you can get on a new car, the one that seems to get the most love is the backup camera. For those who suck at parking, they can be a big help, and for those with kids who love to play in the driveway – they can be a literal lifesaver. Thanks to Pearl, a small tech company run by ex-Apple employees, you can now add that same feature on your old junky car.

All you have to do to set this thing up is to screw the solar powered Pearl license plate cover to your car, plug in the adapter into your On-board Diagnostics port (all cars made after 1996 have one) under the dash, and pair it to your phone. Done. Yeah, it’s really that easy. Once you have everything set up and paired, the two HD cameras will give you a wide angle view on your iPhone or Android phone so you can avoid cyclists, cars, and whatever else the road throws at you. When it is released later this year prices will be set at $500. [Purchase]