Peak Design’s Travel Tripod Is A Carbon Fiber Photography Companion

Peak Design has been on the cutting-edge of photographic gear (and storage) since the company came into the limelight in 2011, producing a handful of the community’s highly-praised camera packs, accessories, and protective items during their eight-year tenure. Now, the company is expanding its catalog with the Travel Tripod — the outfit’s first foray into the realm of solid, camera-oriented stabilization.

Until the last decade, the medium’s leading form of camera stabilization was heavy, inhibiting, and awkward to deal with on longer excursions. Peak Design’s offering takes the cake when it comes to accessibility, utilizing a capable, multilayer twill-weave carbon fiber (or aluminum) silhouette, powder-coated A380 aluminum ball head mounts, and ShoreA60 thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), anti-slip feet to create the perfect all-in-one solution for photographers who are looking for dependable stabilization. The expandable, five-leg system is made for expedient expansion from 15.5- to 60-inches and comes complete with a 20-pound weight limit, providing a seamless partnership with professional setups — including those that utilize telephoto lenses. With the former weighing in at just 2.81 pounds, the Travel Tripod offers users a compact alternative to the industry’s leading expeditionary accessories, bringing a dependable, affordable package to the masses. If you’re interested in acquiring one of your own, head to Peak Design’s Kickstarter page, where the Travel Tripod is listed for a starting price of $290.

Kickstarter: $290+