PDW Badger Framelock Folding Knife

In case you are unfamiliar, badgers are a relatively small, nocturnal, burrow-dwelling mammal that are famous – in part – for their ferocity even in the face of much larger predatory threats. They are also the creatures for which Prometheus Design Werx has named their latest knife project, a titanium frame lock folder. And the comparison is evident.

Just as the small mammal is unassuming yet formidable, this EDC knife looks a lot more docile than its makeup would suggest. With a “tried and true millennia old spear point blade” silhouette, this knife features a high quality S35VN steel blade, which folds into an exceedingly tough machined titanium handle. The titanium scales are chamfered, contoured, and feature five fuller grooves for a unique precision-machined look and the handle is affixed with an internal lanyard bar, a pocket clip, and a satin finish. The 3-inch blade is deployed from the handle via a glow-in-the-dark thumb stud and the knife has an overall length of 7 inches and weighs just 4.4 ounces. The pre-production sale of this USA made everyday carry folding knife has ended, but it should be up for sale again soon. [Purchase]

Prometheus Design Werx Bader Folding Knife 01

Prometheus Design Werx Bader Folding Knife 02

Prometheus Design Werx Badger Folding Knife 000

Prometheus Design Werx Bader Folding Knife 03