Pavlok Fitness Band

We’d probably all do better with a Full Metal Jacket-style drill instructor yelling at us to hit the gym each day and not have that second slice of pound cake, but the one problem with that technique is the fact that no woman would ever approach us again.

If you need a little tough love to accomplish your daily goals, Pavlok fitness tracker is a piece of wearable tech that might be up your alley. Yes, it tracks your fitness stats and lets you measure your process with an app, but it also gives you a mild shock if you oversleep or blow off that trip to the gym. The prodding doesn’t stop there, as Pavlok also will shame you on social media, telling your friends how you chose to stay home instead of exercising. It’s not all negative reinforcement though, as users will be able to earn money and prizes by completing their goals. We expect to hear more about that part of Pavlok when it launches next year. [Purchase]