Pat’s Backcountry Beer

May 31, 2016

Category: Vices

What’s more disheartening than hitting the trails only to discover you didn’t pack enough water for the trip? Having that same epiphany when it comes to water’s malted and hopped cousin. Luckily, Pat’s Backcountry Beverages has you covered with their Backcountry Beer kits, complete with everything you need to enjoy a fulfilling libation without all the heavy carry.

Here’s how it works. Simply mix one packet of Backcountry beer with the designated amount of carbonated water (for reference 4 individual 50ml packets produce 64-ounces of brew) to produce a beer that’s 5.2% ABV per pint. Each packet only weighs about 2.1-ounces and if you don’t have access to carbonated water on the trip, not to worry, Pat’s sells a Portable Carbonator Bottle along with several other products to make this process a breeze. Offerings include a Pale Ale style, Black IPA, and American Lager. Prices depend on the regional distributors of course. Visit their site for more details. [Purchase]

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